Works created by mentees through my Texture Mentorship Program 


R   O   H   I   T    K  O  T  T  A  M  A  S  U 



"I had a lot of fun attending Solene's Mentorship. It helped me solidify the fundamentals of texturing, to treat texturing with art principles as opposed to focusing only on the techinical aspects that I was used to. I had chosen to texture the razorback whiptail model from Kurtis Dawe that was out of my usual comfort zone. But with the help of the structured weekly mentorship sessions, working on it week by week with the help of Solenes feedback, it felt much easier to do the texturing, taking it one step at a time.

The mentorship not only helps level up the texturing results, but provides an opportunity to present and receive feedback in a organized manner like in a studio, having the opportunity for Q&A's regarding the industry, work culture and recieving career advice from a Lead.

I would highly recommend the mentorship to any texturing enthusiasts! Thank you, Solene for all the help, boosting the confidence in me and helping me grow as an artist! I had a great experience throughout the mentorship!



 M  E  L  A  N  I  E     R  I  E  S  E  N 


"I highly recommend Solene's mentorship!

I was lucky to get her guidance twice on my learning journey – first for learning the base of texturing and later to level up my skills. It's been an awesome experience. I learned a lot, focused on the skills I wanted to grow, boosting my confidence and sharpening my eye for details

Solene gave me feedback just like a lead would, setting up a structure and discipline that really helped me out in real-life work situations later on. Thanks so much, Solene, for being a big part of my learning and career journey!"



 P  I  O  T  R    Z  I   E  L  I  N S  K  I 




  J O Z E F   K O V A C S 





"I had the fantastic opportunity to be mentored by Soléne at Think Tank Training Centre. It was a tough decision to find an ideal mentor, but I feel lucky to have chosen the right person to help me on this journey.

My chosen concept was the captivating character Anya Taylor, inspired by Netflix's "The Queen's Gambit." The project presented many challenges, such as capturing her likeness.

Soléne helped me to focus each week on new goals and pushed my limits further and further. In the end, I am proud of what I was able to achieve. She was also open to answering all my questions, providing constructive criticism, and helping me identify my strengths.

Her guidance was instrumental in shaping this piece, and the opportunity to learn from her expertise has been truly invaluable.


S H E R I N   K O D I K A R A G E 





"I had the pleasure of having Solène as a mentor, and throughout the mentorship, she has been an invaluable source of support, wisdom, and inspiration.

She provided clear and precise feedback during each session and was open to answering any questions related to the industry or work life. Solène also offered encouragement when needed, which has truly had an impact on my personal and professional development.

I believe she is the best choice if you're interested in improving your texturing skills. I would definitely choose her again without hesitation."