F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S   -  F O R   T H E   S C L   C U S T O M   M E N T O R S H I P


Are Mentorships Periodic or does it happen only once a year?

It depends on my professional availability.

There are no typical periods for the mentoring that I do independently.

I recommend reaching out to my email: solenechanlam@gmail.com


Is it possible to reserve a booking for the next round of Mentorships? 

Possibly yes, but no guarantee since it's dependent on my professional availability and my production work commitments.

Is it individual projects or group projects ? It is individual projects even if you're in groups sessions.


Do I need to be proficient using texturing programs?

The mentorship requires to have the basics of at least one texturing program.


Which program do should we use for our project?

The mentorship is sharing knowledge on the "Art of Texturing" and production knowledge. It is your choice as it is not program dependant.


Should we get our asset validate by you before the Mentorship?

Preferably, yes.


How do we set dates and time for the Live sessions?

I recommend reaching out to my email: solenechanlam@gmail.com to check my week's avaibility.


For the payment, how does it work?

Payments are made weekly or in 3 time via direct Transfer or Wise.

I send invoices after each Live session for the weekly payments choice

or after the 1st, 6th and 11th Live session for the 3 times payment.